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Anonymous asked: I don't know if this counts as a personal question, but what do you do in Photoshop to get the skin and edges of your sim so smooth looking? They look amazing! If it's your own little secret then sorry for asking, but I'd love to know how. Thanks! <3

Most of the time I just use Topaz Clean to smooth the edges. These are my settings:

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Anonymous asked: Hi Josie! I was wondering when you're going to continue your next editing tutorial, (i'm sorry for troubling) but just wanna say your editing really helped me out tons! Thank you so much! ^.^

No trouble at all sweets! I know its been a while since my last video, perhaps I’ll make one this week if I have time! :D

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But why are you all so good at sims??

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Anonymous asked: Do you like to meet new people and be their friends?

Yes?!! Kinda?? I’m just super introverted and I often don’t know what to say especially when it comes to small talk T^T. But if you’re like super patient with me and really sweet and super cool and like stuff I like then its easier for me im sorrrrryyyyyy -twiddles thumbs- >A<;;